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About David

David has been an entrepreneur and mindset coach since 2010. 

Throughout David’s journey, he noticed that many of his friends, clients, and family had something in common. The complete lack of education and proper mindset around money.

“The lack of financial education is a major issue in Canada and all over there world. It was a major breakthrough for me working with some of the top professionals in the industry learning the strategies of the wealthy. I am now on a mission to teach these strategies to simplify, educate and create wealth for Canadians.”

David is a Co-founder of Discover CashFlow Inc. He has partnered with some of the country’s top licenced professionals in the industries of wealth management, real estate investing and mortgages. Their Wealth Mastery Seminars and unique and powerful Wealth Blueprint program have simplified and created wealth for 1000’s of Canadians.

Him and his team complete complimentary and personalized plans for their clients and their families. Having a full team of professionals and experts in house who specialize and offer no fee investing, advanced tax strategies and debt elimination is very powerful.

The industry is traditionally made complex and loaded with heavy fees for the uneducated. It’s time for a change and we have the solution.

Wealth Creation90%
Private Lending80%
Debt Elimination85%
Mindset Coaching85%

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